Mercedes 500 SEC C126 V8 – 1983

This Mercedes 500 SEC V8 1983 Serie 1 is on out of few left in Sweden in good condition. Milage 208300km


One out of very few from Serie 1 that still are in good condition in Sweden.

The body is in good condition and with orginal barock alloy wheels.

The interior is in green leather.

Body has in the past got new paint. Interior need to be fixed to look great.
Year: 1983
Mileage: 208.000 km
Transmission: 4 Speed automatic
Drive Train: Rear Wheel
Drive Type: Coupe with back seat
Color Exterior:​  Metalic Green
Color Interior: ​Green leather​
Left Hand Drive

Tyres New

Wintertyres include

Sold new in Switzerland

New test from DEKRA without any problem august 2020

Oil and filter have been change during august 2020